I wanna take this opportunity to not only admit my guilt, but invite you to enjoy the fruits of my behavior. I recently started a new blog with Mike Paulucci. People call him Paulooch, I sometimes do too. It’s a daily blog, it’s…it’s hard to explain. Listen, it’s not you, it’s me. It’s me and my big thick attitude. It’s an attitude that doesn’t deserve a guy like you. You’re a guy who doesn’t deserve an attitude like mine. My attitude and your glowing aura of love and honor don’t hang out at the same gay bars…They just don’t have the same things in common. My tude lovcd going to rollerderbies, while your aura has always loved flea markets and carnival rides. My big, thick, tude. I tell ya.

BUT….it’s not over. The horse is still in the race, and the prize is just as worthy.

Guess what this isn’t…a heart breaking. It’s a heart coming back together. Our hearts have once fallen on sharp daggers. That day is behind us and the strings now pull together. Please, when your eyes wonder without your guidance, let them wonder onto a new and exciting daily blog update that offers no real threat to our own blog..but additional inspiration and laughs and art.

Please, if you would do us the honor…www.yourplaidpants.tumblr.com

Always and forever always,