So the word is out. Have you tinkled yet?

The new G. Love/Avett Bros. album is the poop’s payamas. That’s ‘pajamas’ in hispanic. I learned it from a fellow in Steve’ Martin’s movie Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid.

The weather is turning and I’m as thrilled as a bunny rabbit to hike up my swim shorts and neglect to put sunscreen on. I implore you to visit me at the beach this summer. The waves crash high, the babes shake their fanny, the coke is cold. If you ask me, I wouldn’t even think you’d regret your decision to take this v’cation. We haven’t hugged in a very long time, let alone design and print labels for our DVD collection in a shared room while Adam beats Altier in video games and listen to headphones full of music at the same time, while kyle hangs out behind his cowboy doors and eat catsup, and the thieves stold the damn air conditioner, while we drop bowling balls and trick pizza delivery guy, and have to poop at Sonic. I mean… it’s been a while, my friend.

We must talk shop soon. Photo shop. Mechanic Shop. Soup Shoppe.