Bonjour Sh’Dove,

There are a number of interesting anomalies in the world, and i’d be a real son of a bitch if I were to announce that height differences weren’t one of them. I mean the cosmic attraction from a person of a certain height and size to another person of equal or differentiating height and size. But first, let’s explore the other anomalies that this blog post is not about:

Butterfly Effects, Galoshes, Thesaurus’, Super Computers,  Fathers’ Day, Brothers’ Day,  Air Conditioning, Public Swimming Pools, Jumbo Shrimp, Library Cards, Chalkboard Dust, Michael Jordan’s Vertical Jump, Tits, Tits and Nipples, Belly Button Lint, Spaceship Control Boards, Ball Park Franks. Friends.

On to the meat of the post:

The various forms of entertainment out there, including laughs and chuckles and chortles are among my favorites. I go to the cinema. I go to the picture house and laugh clubs, the cock clubs, dick clubs. I’m around. Through every form of entertainment I find some good hearty fun and lifestyles in the comedy in the world. One thing I choose not to laugh at is people’s love for one and other. Call me old fashioned, but I like a solid connection between two people. Whether they be a coupla homosinuals, or just regular folk. If there’s love, there’s love. That’s hugging, humping and fucking, smooches, pets, and cuddles. Why ever take that away from a person with some sinister viewpoint on the matter. “GET A ROOM” I never yell out to them. It’s their freedom, they’ve earned.












Classic Love. The loafers with socks is actual proof that this woman,and her freakish nature, is only interested in one thing with this tiny man…his heart and soul. He tucks in his blouse to his denims, and they are in love.











This is another classic example of woman in half athletic gear, half club gear talking to her special guy like he’s a small dog. He yells up at her much different altitude (less oxygen available) “Hey dumbass, I love ya, but I love water just the same. Stop yer fuckin games and let me get by so I can refresh my body. I’m parched.” And I think that’s just somethin… It’s love Debo.









A Love Need Not Explained.

You are my river. You are my Guiding Eagle, with Sonar Mind Control.