November 2010

I’m sitting here in Tim and Eric’s office waiting for my boss to get here…I was called in yesterday and today to help out in the office. Pretty Rad…Pretty Rad. Currently the T&E crew is out on location shooting for their new Comedy Central show “John Benjamin Has a Van.” Hopefully I get on set a little to check that shit out. Look at this amazing painting that Eric found at a Gallery in NY…

Eh…It’s sideways. But that’s just life isn’t it?

So, I’m working on my new Thank-You card in my free time. Yes, it’s unit #2 of my 10 unit series. When the children are asleep, the kitchen has been fumigated and all the insects swept under the mat, I do find a little free time to get out the ol’ pencil and eraser. If i make too much racket, the little ones wake up and throw darts at my head, but that rarely happens anymore. And even if it does, I’ve replaced all of the poisonous tips with dried lasagna.

So what brings Mainstream McCoy the joy this fine American weekend? Shall it be a game of clue with the BBQ neighbor? Or how about a game of catch with the postal officer? Don’t tell me you’re up to no good with the milkman! Or do…do tell me such things and I’ll congratulate you on your candor and good judgement. It’s not everyday a man sleeps with a man who just slept with a man. Not with these country laws we’ve inherited. A Day in the Life, is worth two in the hand- John Lenhan.


I took a few hour break because i had to get to work. Lay off me okay? I’m trying to earn a damned decent living so I can provide for you and your family and me and my family.

For you, my heart is warm~



I was gonna wait and post an entry later this week, but huh uh! I’m postin in 5 minutes!

Here’s me and my sister-in-laws cousin waiting…

I don’t want to sound like a hater (really, I don’t.) But, I do not like diseases.  However, I’m beginning to grow quite found of Diabetes. Currently, I don’t have diabetes. I can eat refined sugars all day because my fasting plasma glucose levels and glycated hemoglobin never hovers close to the levels needed to suffer from Diabetes Mellitus. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m not here to be a braggart, but you know I keep my impaired glucose tolerance in check; ya heard me? I recently did some research and found that only 3.0% of the US population suffers from Diabetes. That’s a shame; I was hoping there would be a lot more people. The last thing that I want to do from this soapbox is advocate overeating- but shit, Diabetes is pretty much the coolest disease out there right now. Plus, look how fashionable these Diabetes socks are!











Being the man that I am, I purchased two pair of Diabetes socks. Now, I know that I can often exaggerate claims of comfort and style- but in this case, no exaggeration, simile, or metaphor can equate to the comfort and circulatory goodness these socks provide. Having a home with hardwood floors and a dog with a beard, the Gripper’s have come in handy. They help me maintain my balance while also keeping a calm and relaxed demeanor. I don’t even have Diabetes and these socks have changed my life.

So- I’m announcing it here first…my 2011 New Year’s Resolution is to get Diabetes. Here’s lookin’ forward to a productive year!

Love and sweet words, my dear Chris.

During times like these (regular times on a Sunday evening while having a heavy bottom gin, some musical toons on the amplifier, a slight but brisk breeze coming in through the window, a good neck crack, some fine company of roommates and friends, a hunger about to be satisfied by an italian feast, a note of chores for the Monday to come, a woman’s smile to put in a thought, and the peaceful settlement that WE ARE FAMILY (like the song)) I wish I had a rocking chair.


Link for the day.


Luh you, miss you.